Becoming a Wholesaler


+ How do I qualify to become a wholesale account?

So sweet that you asked! You need to be a legitimate business with an Employer ID number and a Sales Tax ID. You need to submit an application through our expeditious approval process and accept our resale policy. Sounds a little tough, but it is easily digestible. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience team

+ Where is the Wholesale Application Form?

Just click here and it will take you to the first step. After you fill it out and gain approval, you will be able to see the pricing and add to your cart.

+ What is the recipe for your approval process?

It is simply delicious that you want to join our Club of retailers and offer Candy Club to your customers. We have a 2-step process: first, a simple form to fill out which will generate an automated approval (usually within the hour). Second, upload all your Tax and Employer ID information to finalize becoming a member of the club.

+ Do you offer retailers drop-ship opportunities?

At this time, we do not offer a drop-ship program at small volumes. Please reach out to if you have an interest and believe that you may qualify for this option.

+ Can I order product BEFORE the opening of my store?

First – congratulations on the pending opening of your store!
For brick-and-mortar stores, you may place orders before your official opening. However, we may request additional information to verify that you qualify for wholesale pricing. We may request items including but not limited to: EIN, sales tax ID paperwork, bank statements, or lease agreements. For online stores, you can order once your online store is live.

+ What if I am located outside of the U.S. and want to place an order?

Before placing your order be prepared!

  • Have your own UPS, Fedex or DHL Shipper Account #
  • If you reside in Canada, obtain a food license & customs broker prior to ordering.

Please reach out to to place the order.

+ What if I’m a LIVE Seller?

Welcome to Candy Club! We’re excited to have you and would love to chat! Reach out to



Candy Cup Label Refresh


+ Why are the labels changing?

We are committed to innovation and growth and ensuring our product is as visually appealing as possible. This refresh was developed with a singular goal in mind - to help you grow your business, one candy cup at a time.

+ Is the candy changing?

While we made some sweet changes to the look, it is still the same iconic candy cup filled with the best tasting, premium candy in the marketplace.

+ When will the changes take place?

The new labels are rolling out starting in August and continuing through 2023. They look terrific sitting next to our current labels - so you can display them together.

+ If I get candy with a current label, does that mean they are old?

Absolutely not! We have labels for candy that hasn’t been packed yet, so it is quite possible that you could see the current labels shipping to you for another year. But they will be just as fresh as the candy you always get.

+ How should we communicate this to our customers?

Great question! We suggest letting them know this is a refresh of our labels making the candy cups visually more fun and easier to read! The candy will remain the same best tasting, premium candy they are used to! If you need more help, email us at and our Sales Team will be happy to work with you on this transition.

+ Can I return candies with the previous labels?

There should be no need to! We made sure that the two labels can work together and made sure that they still make a great statement at your retail store and online stores.



Wholesale Restrictions


+ Can I sell your product online?

Online? Of course! We do have resell rules that we ask you follow. In order to provide fair and balanced trade, we closely monitor major marketplaces and will take action if needed due to violation of our T&C’s.

+ Can I obtain exclusive rights to sell in my territory or in my vertical?

We are a growing company and have a wide array of products. As such, we do not offer exclusive territories right now in either regions or in specific store categories

+ Do you have an MOQ on orders?

We have a small MOQ of $200 – because we know you will be back!

+ What if I’m shipping to Alaska or Hawaii?

Reach out to to place the order.

Before placing your order be prepared!

  • Be sure to have your own UPS, FedEx, or DHL Shipper Account # and reach out to to place the order.

you can have the order shipped to a mainland freight forwarder who will handle the shipment from there.





+ What is Candy Clubs return policy?

Once our product is shipped, we do not accept returns. However, if your order arrives and it is not to your satisfaction, please reach out to our customer service team and they will work with you to make it sweeter than before.



Wholesale Ordering


+ What payment terms do you offer?

We gladly accept all major credit cards through our private and secure wholesale site. For larger accounts and orders seeking additional terms, please reach out to our sales team at to discuss possible options and terms.

+ How can I order?

Your convenience is our focus. Through our wholesale site you can now browse, shop and order candies directly from Candy Club. Eventually, you will be able to see your history and reorder easily. This opportunity to purchase on our site is available as soon as you are approved as a Candy Club Wholesaler.



Wholesale Lead Times


+ How long does it take to process my order?

If your product is in stock, it will take 2-3 business days to get your order processed and shipped. Orders requiring cold shipping may take longer.

+ How long does it take to get to my store?

We ship most of our Candy Club product from Indiana. Transit time can vary from 1-7 days depending upon your location and the carrier selected. Order tracking will be sent via email so you can follow the progress of your shipment.



Wholesale Freight/Shipping Fees


+ Can I use my own shipper number?

No, unfortunately our fulfillment process does not allow for 3rd party shipment accounts at this time.

+ How much do I pay for shipping?

To keep things simple, we charge a standard rate of 15% of total order. When you check out you will see the shipping fee added into your charges as a separate line item.

+ We have multiple stores…can you ship to more than one address?

At this time, we are able to ship an order to a single location. In order to receive a shipment at multiple locations, please submit an order for each store.



Wholesale Pricing


+ Can I receive a volume discount?

We know that our pricing is already a great deal for you to be able to make money while keeping your customers happy and coming back. However, if you have a substantial volume and reorders we are always open to the discussion. Contact if you think you might qualify.

+ What is the expected MSRP?

While it is up to you what you sell your delectable Candy Club treats for, our MSRP’s are at least $5.99 on our Daily Delight small cups; $6.99 for our small seasonal cups; $10.99 on our large cups and $19.99 on our 2pack Giftsets.

+ Why have your prices increased on some products?

The simple answer is....It's the "dog days of summer". To continue to offer the greatest variety of candy; and because we want to ensure you receive this premium candy the way that you and your customers expect it - we need to package the candy with ice for every order. This impacts the cost due to special handling, materials and weight - but, it is necessary to prevent melting during these warmer months. We try to do right by our customers and not pass the entire cost onto you, while doing what we can to continue to ship you our premium candy during summer. Shipping costs remain the same, 10% of your total order or a flat rate of $50 for orders of $1000 or more.





+ Do you do private or custom labels for products?

While we love our packaging, and it is made for quickly getting off your shelves and into the hands of your customers; we know there is sometimes a need to customize it. We have an MOQ of 6,000 for any white/private label product. There may also be design fees, printing plate charges, proofing and stocking fees. Additionally, lead times will vary based on the request. If you have an interest in this, please reach out to

+ Do you offer any custom flavors?

We have hundreds of different flavors to choose from and since we source from around the world – if you really have something special in mind – we will certainly do what we can to help. Know that higher MOQ’s and significant lead times will apply.

+ Can I find out the nutrition facts of your products?

For sure! Please see the nutritional information of each product in the images section when clicking on a product.

+ What is the shelf-life of your products?

While this can vary based on the candy and if it has been opened, a general guide for the shelf-life is six months or more.

+ Where can I find and obtain Branded Product Assets?

You can find and download assets through our Asset Management Database – CANTO.
Click the link.
Use the invitation code if prompted: x90tjmmhh5gc
Please note: The invitation code is not a password. You will set up your own account and password with CANTO.
Once you’re in, you should find everything you need there!





+ Do you work with Brokers?

We do work with a limited number of brokers and agents as well as going to our customers directly. Please contact us at if you love our products!

+ Do you work with Distributors?

We work with a few distributors in the US. If you are interested, reach out to if you have an interest in distribution opportunities.